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Ryazanskaya GRES

Ryazanskaya GRES is located in the town of Novomichurinsk, Ryazan Region, and is part of the Central UPS.

Ryazanskaya GRES is in top five of the largest power plants in Russia in terms of installed capacity (3,070 MW).

The first order (1,050 MW) primary fuel is approximately 70% brown coal from the Kansko-Achinsky coal basin and around 30% brown coal from the Podmoskovny coal basin (2BR grade). No reserve fuel is stipulated by the design; the starting fuel is gas and fuel oil.

The second order (1,600 MW) primary fuel is natural gas. The plant uses fuel oil as its reserve fuel and gas and fuel oil as its starting fuel.

For Unit No. 7 (GRES-24 – 420 MW), the primary fuel is gas; no reserve fuel is stipulated.

Among the main competitors of Ryazanskaya GRES are the plants owned by JSC Mosenergo and JSC Quadra Generating Company, Kashirskaya GRES (JSC “INTER RAO – Electric Power Plants”), Kostromskaya and Cherepetskaya GRES (JSC “INTER RAO – Electric Power Plants”), GRES-5 Shaturskaya and Smolenskaya GRES (JSC E.ON Russia) and Konakovskaya GRES (JSC Enel OGK-5). Besides, the 500 kV grid is also fed from Novovoronezhskaya, Kalininskaya and Smolenskaya NPPs (JSC Concern Rosenergoatom) and Volzhskaya HPP (JSC RusHydro), as well as by the electricity flow from the Mid-Volga and Ural UPSs.

The plant has no seasonal nature of power limitation.

Installed electric capacity is 3,070 MW

Installed heat capacity is 180 Gcal/h

Key figures for 2014

Electricity output, million kWh


Electricity sales, million kWh


Heat supply, thousand Gcal


CF, %


SCEF, gef/kWh


Headcount (including Unit 7)


Fuel mix and fuel consumption in 2014


Fuel mix, %Fuel consumption


50.8962 million m3


49.22,084 thousand tons

Fuel oil

0.0050.076 thousand tons
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