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Serovskaya GRES

Serovskaya GRES is located in Serov of the Sverdlovsk Region and belongs to the Serovo-Bogoslovsky unit where steel, aluminum and ferroalloy production facilities are located.
Serovskaya GRES is the unit’s only major power plant, which allows it to receive the title “System Generator” from the System Operator.
The plant can use gas, coal, or a mixture of the two as its fuel. The plant is scheduled to reduce the share of gas in its fuel mix, which will enable the plant to increase its productivity on the wholesale electricity market.
The plant’s competitive environment includes Bogoslovskaya CHPP (JSC TGK-9) and Verkhnetagilskaya GRES (JSC “Inter RAO-Electrogeneratsia”).

Installed electric capacity is 538 MW

Installed heat capacity is 110 Gcal/h

Key figures for 2014

Electricity output, million kWh


Electricity sales, million kWh


Heat supply, thousand Gcal


CF, %


SCEF, gef/kWh




Fuel mix and fuel consumption in 2014


Fuel mix, %Fuel consumption


21.6154.9 million m3


78.41,130.3 thousand tons

Fuel oil

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  • Buid. 1, litera A, St. Peterburg, 196140, Russia
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  • mail: office@ogk2.ru
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