ОАО Вторая генерирующая компания оптового рынка электроэнергии

Stavropolskaya GRES

Stavropolskaya GRES is located in the town of Solnechnodolsk in the Stavropol Territory. It is a highly flexible plant which plays a key role in ensuring the reliability of the Southern UPS.

The advantages of Stavropolskaya GRES include optimal technical and economic performance, a wide power control range, and the high-speed setting and resetting load, which ensures that the power plant has the maximum capacity needed to adhere to the consumption schedule. The company had three certified units for the system services market, which enables the plant to trade in system services.

The power plant’s load ensures makes technical feasibility for the purposes to export electricity to Georgia and Azerbaijan (via Georgia) as well as for maintaining acceptable levels of electricity flow in the backbone power grid of the Southern UPS.

The main competitor of Stavropolskaya GRES is Nevinnomysskaya GRES (JSC Enel OGK-5).

Installed electric capacity is 2,400 MW

Installed heat capacity is 145 Gcal/h

Key figures for 2014

Electricity output kWh


Electricity sales, million kWh


Heat supply, thousand Gcal


CF, %


SCEF, gef/kWh




Fuel mix and fuel consumption in 2013


Fuel mix, %Fuel consumption


99.72,362 million m3


Fuel oil

0,35,8 thousand tons
  • Peterburgskoe highway 66,
  • Buid. 1, litera A, St. Peterburg, 196140, Russia
  • (812) 646-13-64
  • mail: office@ogk2.ru
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