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Business opportunities


We present our business opportunities of Cherepovetskaya GRES-2. If you are looking for a manufacture area with requirements:

Electric power
Electric energy is composed of two stages ani it's carried out on 5 lines with voltage of 220 kV. 

1. 1st place - 630 MW
2. 2nd place - 421.6 MW 

OGK-2 offers a major energy-intensive consumers consider using the equipment first priority queue to meet their own needs electricity (power).

1. The water of drinking quality, to 5 500 cubic meters / day.
2. Admission of waste water to 5000 cubic meters / day.
3. Chemically demineralized water, 1,200 cubic meters / day.
4. Services of certified laboratories to conduct chemical analysis of liquid and solid fuels, water, sewage.


Raw materials for building
Ash dump located on the left swampy floodplain r.Suda 6 km from the main building CGRES.
Reserves of 8.5 million cubic meters of ASW.
Access roads to the ash disposal are with the car.

The comfortable geographical position
1. River port is the one of largest river ports of the Volga - Baltic waterway and the North - West Basin, which provides requirements for the carriage of goods more than 15 major areas of Russia.
2. A major railway junction of the Northern Railway between St. Petersburg and Vologda.
3. A major railway junction of the Northern Railway between St. Petersburg and Vologda.

Equipped areas for freight
1. The total protected and fenced area 18,700 sqm
2. Fuel oil storage tank farm with total capacity is15000m3.
3. Equipped railway overpass drain oil, designed for the simultaneous staging and heating to 8 tanks.
4. The economy of diesel fuel to the railway viaduct draining and storage tanks with total capacity of 10000m3.
5. The railway trestle drain chemicals and tanks for storage of sulfuric acid and alkali.

Buildings for production
At the industrial area of Cherepovetskaya GRES are the unused building with the possibility of the entrance road to them:

1. Warehouse №6 CMS. The area of 1500 sq.m. The volume of 12 000 cubic meters
2. Cellars of the electrical area of 110 square meters. m
3. Cold storage of the electrical area of 218 square meters. m
4. Garage for 10 boxes. The total area of 292 square meters. m


Rent warehouses №4 and №5 CMS. The area is 840 sq.m. The volume is 3600 cubic meters

Protected industrial area of Cherepovetskaya GRES has free building "lesotseha" area of 780 square meters with a ready infrastructure.

  1. Connection of electricity consumers to distribution devices branch. Ensuring the reliability of power supply for the first category.
  2. Connecting consumers of thermal energy pipeline to connection points.
  3. The ability to enter into direct long-term contracts for the supply of electricity and heat water, condensate directly with the supplier.
  4. The ability to use the existing infrastructure of a large industrial enterprise.
  5. The result is the minimization of costs for the establishment and operation of new production facilities, the availability of reserves for business development.
• Adviser to the General Director of JSC "OGK-2"
Yakovlev Anatoly Viktorovich
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branch Director
Filippov Victor Y.
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