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OJSC OGK-2 Increased its 1Q 2015 IFRS Profit by 36%

OJSC OGK-2 Increased its 1Q 2015 IFRS
Profit by 36%

OJSC OGK-2 releases its interim abbreviated unaudited consolidated Financial Statements for the 3 months ended 31 March 2015, prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Highlights of the Consolidated Income Statement and Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
(mn RUR)

3M 2015

3M 2014

Change (%)

Change (∆)






Operating Expenses





Operating Profit










Profit for the Period





Total Comprehensive Income for the Period





* EBITDA= Operating profit + Depreciation and Amortization.

The Revenue of OJSC OGK-2 for 3M 2015 totaled RUR 31,090 mn, growing by 6.7% or by RUR 1,943 mn year-on-year. The revenue growth resulted from the increased electricity prices at “the day-ahead” and balancing markets, as well as growth of electricity production by 2.2% from 17.3 bn KWh to 17.7 bn KWh year-on-year.

Operating Expenses for 3M 2015 totaled RUR 27,152 mn. Its growth dynamic correlates to the revenue growth rate.

As a result, Operating Profit for 3M 2015 grew by 7.5% year-on-year up to RUR 3,921 mn.

EBITDA for 3M 2015 increased by 5.3% year-on-year, amounting to RUR 5,126 mn.

OJSC OGK-2 Profit for the Period for 3M 2015 totaled RUR 3,666 mn, up to 35.8%.

The detailed information about OGK-2 performance in 3M 2015
in accordance with IFRS is available at the company’s website in the
IFRS Financial Reports section.

For reference:

OGK-2 is a leading heat generator, including 11 production branches-power plants with total installed capacity of circa 18.0 GW, providing about 7% of Russia’s electricity output. The Company includes: Adlerskaya TPS, Kirishskaya State District Power Plant, Krasnoyarskskaya State District Power Plant 2, Pskovskaya State District Power Plant, Novocherkasskaya State District Power Plant, Ryazanskaya State District Power Plant, Serovskaya State District Power Plant, Stavropolskaya State District Power Plant, Surgutskaya State District Power Plant 1, Troitskskaya State District Power Plant, Cherepovetskaya State District Power Plant.

The Company’s controlling shareholder is ‘Gazprom Energoholding’ LLC (100% subsidiary of ‘Gazprom’ OJSC).


  • Peterburgskoe highway 66,
  • Buid. 1, litera A, St. Peterburg, 196140, Russia
  • (812) 646-13-64
  • mail: office@ogk2.ru
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