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Gazprom improves the power supply reliability of Moscow and the Urals

Today, there was held a ceremonial event dedicated to the launch of two modern steam-gas power generating plants: at Heating Plant No. 20 (TEC-20) in Moscow and at the State Regional Power Plant (GRES) in Serov, Sverdlovsk Oblast.

The event was attended by the Minister of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak, the Chairman of the Board of Administration of Gazprom Alexei Miller, and the heads of the company’s core divisions and subsidiaries. The communication with   TEC-20 and the Serov GRES was arranged by means of a television space bridge.

The order to launch the power generating plants was given via television communication by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The construction projects of the steam-gas plants (PGU-420) for TEC-20 of Mosenergo Corporation and the Serov GRES of OGK-2 were implemented based on the same type of equipment (gas and steam turbines by Siemens and waste-heat boilers by Power Machines). The installed power of each plant is 420 MW, with the efficiency factor of about 58%.

The launch of the new power generating plants will allow improving the power supply reliability for the consumers of Moscow and the Serov-Bogoslovsky Power Junction and also improving the environmental specifications of the power plants.

“It is the first time in the history of Gazprom when two new steam-gas plants with the total power of 840 MW are launched on the same day. All in all, since the moment Gazprom entered the power industry in 2007, we have launched new plants with the total power capacity of about 7 GW.

The launch of PGU-420 in Moscow completes the implementation of the Mosenergo investment program under the power supply contracts. Totally, there have been seven modern steam-gas units built at the power plants of Mosenergo, with the power of about 2.9 GW, which is more than 21% of the company’s total installed power. During the years of their operation, the steam-gas power generating plants have proven their production and economic efficiency and allowed saving natural gas and reducing the atmospheric emission substantially,” said Alexei Miller.

The PGU-420 plants of TEC-20 and the Serov GRES are included in the List of the Generating Units, approved by the Decree of the Government of Russia (No. 1334-p of August 11, 2010), which will be used to supply power under the power supply contracts (PSC).

TEC-20 (Mosenergo affiliate) is located in South-Western Administrative Okrug of Moscow. The power plant was launched in 1952. TEC-20 supplies electric and heat energy to the Academichesky, Gagarinsky, Lomonosovsky, Obruchevsky, Donskoy, Dorogomilovsky and Danilovsky districts, as well as the districts of Yakimanka, Zyuzino, Kotlovka, Konkovo, Cheryomushki and Zamoskvorechye, with the population of over 1.5 million persons. The main fuel is natural gas.

Before the launch of the PGU-420, the installed power of TEC-20 was 730 MW, the heat power being 2,400 Gcal/h. With the power unit launched, it has grown up to 1,150 MW and 2,620 Gcal/h respectively. Hence, TEC-20 has become Mosenergo’s biggest power plant located in the immediate vicinity of the center of the capital. To optimize the set of the power generating equipment, the Mosenergo Corporation is planning to take out of service a series of active power boilers and turbines of Tec-20, with the total power of 190 MW, within the period till 2020.

The Serov GRES (OGK-2 affiliate) is located in the Serov-Bogoslovsky Industrial Junction, near the town of Serov, Sverdlovsk Oblast. The GRES was launched in 1954. The main fuel is coal. The installed electric power before the launch of the PGU-420 was 388 MW, and it became 808 MW after the unit had been launched.

As planned by the RAO UES of Russia in 2005–2006, the Serov GRES was expected to get two coal power units PSU-330 MW. After Gazprom had entered the power industry, the plans were revised, and the steam-gas technology was chosen as that with more profitable technical, economic and environmental specifications.

The controlling shareholder of the Mosenergo Corporation and OGK-2 is the Gazprom Energoholding Company, a 100% subsidiary of the Gazprom Corporation.


The PGU-420 power assembly: the steam and gas turbines and the generator

The engine department of the PGU-420 of the Serov GRES

The main control room of the Serov GRES during the television space bridge session

The Head of the shift Pavel Savkin is performing the launching operations to reach the nominal power

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