Mission and strategy

The strategic goal of the company

Increasing of business efficiency, formation of a stable positive trend of development, increasing the Company's capitalization.

Strategy development

The Company's strategy includes blocks for the production, supply, sales and distribution. It is aimed at maintaining a high level of competitiveness, providing the required amount of available working capacity with a high level of efficiency and reliability, the increase in the value of the Company.

The goals and objectives of the Society

Implementation of the investment program aimed at commissioning in the coming years more than 4 GW of new capacity;

Ensuring of effectiveness of stations and reliable supplies of electricity and heat.

Increased of participation in the market of electricity and heat.

Improving of efficiency of investment and capitalization of the Company.

The company's mission

The activities of JSC "OGK-2" is in the production of energy that improves life for present and future generations. We implement innovative solutions for the efficient use of resources and energy supply in the regions of our country.

1. We see ourselves largest power company and provide substantial economic impact on society.

2. We are a reliable partner on the energy markets, building long term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

3. We use research and development for new technologies in the production of energy for homes, businesses and countries.

4. We develop professional and creative potential of staff by combining our efforts and talent to ensure the leading position of the company in the market.

5. We care about the interests of the shareholders, increasing profitability and capitalization of the company.

6. We provide the highest standards of environmental protection, minimize negative impacts on nature.

7. We strive to provide long-term growth of our business, to transform JSC "OGK-2" in the leading energy company.